Company overview

With an operating history of over 15 years and a regional presence, we are a renowned company in the distribution of chemical products and value-added solutions. We develop and market additives for both human and animal nutrition and health, ingredients for flavorings and fragrances, food solutions, products for the chemical industry and APIs, and pharmaceutical excipients.

We are a renowned company in the distribution of chemical raw products and value solutions. We distribute chemical raw materials for pharmaceutical, feed, and food manufacturing. We distribute the world’s leading brands adhering to the strictest quality controls.


In recent years, we have been able to grow our product pallet to include not only raw material inputs for key manufacturing industries; but also produce high-quality feed additives and mineral supplements for livestock and other animals that are up to international standards. We boast in being the only company in the COMESA region with an International standard fully automated animal Feed premix plant.

We are regional leaders. We act as an intermediary between suppliers of raw materials and manufacturers of finished products.